Timeline of San Clemente Post Founding

1924 – H. Hamilton Cotton assembles syndicate to purchase 4,000 acres for $7 million, selects San Mateo Point for a vacation home.
1925 – Ole Hanson and Cotton join forces and announce the Spanish Village of San Clemente, sells first plots in December
1927 – Property went on sale at Dana Point, a master-planned community developed by Sidney Woodruff and Harry Chandler. (project originally started in 1923)
1928 – San Clemente incorporates as a city. All public amenities given to new city by Ole Hanson Organization.
1928 – Edward Doheny begins another master-planned community in Capistrano Beach, it included a section of the Palisades and an elaborate beach club below.
1929 – El Camino Real paved/Hwy 1 through San Clemente
1929 – Stock market crashes!
1930s – City of San Clemente population declines by 70% to 250.
1937 – Capitol Company reinvests in San Clemente adding the Casino and Miramar Theater.
1939 - Storm takes down half of Pier (rebuilt)
1942 – FDR dedicates Camp Pendleton Marine Base
1950s – Trestles and Cotton’s becomes one of the best surf breaks in California
1960 – Interstate 5 completed through San Clemente replacing El Camino Real
1966 – Construction of Dana Point Harbor begins
1968 – Purchase of Cotton’s Point property by Richard Nixon
San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Unit I built
1969-1974 – Several heads of state visit La Casa Pacifica
1973 – Leonid Brezhnev visit and signing of Salt II Treaty
1974 – 1980 Nixons return to San Clemente after resignation
1983 - Another storm takes down the pier.
Rebuilt in 1985.
2000 -The Ranchlands east of the freeway begin development, Forster Ranch and Talega
2012 – San Onofre shut down after premature wear found in generator tubes