Ole Hanson's Dream

In 1925 a man named Ole Hanson had an idea to build a "Spanish Village" in a remote undeveloped tract of land half way between Los Angeles and San Diego. He wrote, “I vision a place where people can live together more pleasantly than any other place in America. I am going to build a beautiful city on the ocean, where the whole city is a park. The architecture will be of one type, and homes will be built on sites where nearly everyone will have their view preserved forever. The whole picture is very clear to me. I can see hundreds of white walled homes bonneted with red tile with trees, palms, and flowers lining the drives. I can see sidewalks of red spanish tile and streets curving picturesquely over the land. I want plazas, playgrounds, a school, a pool, a golf course, a fishing pier and a beach enlivened with people getting a healthy joy out of life.”

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