Murals on Del Mar –This is a joint project between the Historical Society, the Downtown Business Association, and the City. It involves the creation and installation of tile murals of San Clemente Landmarks on the floor and wall of the walled resting areas  along Avenida Del Mar, commonly called “bulbouts.” The project began 2009, eight of the fourteen murals have been installed to date.  Read More


Oral History – This project involves video recording interviews with long time San Clemente residents to capture their memories of long ago San Clemente. Meet our Matriarch Lois Divel.



Fishcarts to Fiestas – This is a San Clemente history book written in 1975 by members of the Historical Society for third grade students. Since 1975, we have provided copies for all of the third grade classes in San Clemente. Read More





Beach Club Weather Vane – When the Beach Club was built in 1927, it had a wonderful weather vane featuring a swimmer diving into a wave. It has been missing for longer than anyone can remember. We are working on creating a replica to replace the lost one.



Website – We are updating the content and aesthetics of our website to have it be more useful and pleasing to viewers.


Newsletter – We currently send out a monthly e-mail to the membership. Read Newsletter


San Clemente Times - We have a monthly column on topics of historic preservation. Read Latest Article



San Clemente Story – This booklet is a brief history of Ole Hanson and his founding of San Clemente. First written in 1975, it was updated in 1999. We undertook a third edition last year which is now available. Each new Member receives a copy. 






Walking and Driving Tour – This project involved hunting down the digital information from the original printing in 2003, reconstructing lost data and updating the brochure. These maps  are available at our monthly booth on Avenida Del Mar or by contacting us.


Museum and Archives -Our museum closed in 2005. We have had our collection in storage since then. We wish to reopen the museum and are searching for a suitable location.